Character Sheet

Hinata "Kyoko" Tlaltelpa Age: 14 Gender: Female Species: Werewolf Height: 5'1 Weight: 110 pounds Hair Color: Black (purple-red highlights) Eye Color: Black (yellow In her wolf form) SkIn Color: Tanned OlvIe Occupation: Demon Slayer Affiliation: The Watchers Birthplace: Tlaloc Village Favorite Color: Blue Favorite Food: Meat (especially raw meat) Family: Lotus Tlaltelpa (biological mother), Daisuke Tlaltelpa (biological father), PiƱa Miyake (adoptive mother), Shin Miyake (adoptive father), Tlasha Miyake (adoptive younger brother), Makoto Hantas (past life) Attire: Aqua blue t-shirt, gray pants, gray belt around her waist, aqua blue tennis shoes, aqua blue belt that she wears around her body. Weapon of choice: the Spirit Sword Blood Type: A Grade: 9 Current Residence: Tlahaku Village Likes: fighting, wolves, dogs, being respected, Tlalbuatchi, Tlasha, Nelli, the Watchers, her sword, adventures, reading manga, keeing secrets, challenging Kuagu, discovering new things, candy Dislikes: Kuagu, Yukio, demons, not winning a fight, her secrets being discovered, staying at home, school, her teacher Personality traits: Care-free, optimistic, strong-willed, cocky, flirtatious, protective, adventurous Moto: "Never Back Down!" Bio: Hinata Tlaltelpa was adopted and raised by the Miyake family when she was only weeks old. She grew up in Tlahaku Village, being resented by people because of her werewolf heritage. She only befriended Tlalbutachi (Rin) and Nelli Hirashi. Her worst childhood enemies are Kuagu and her brothers. One day she meets a spirit named Matsuyama who asks her to draw a mysterious sword from a stone in Sosync's Forest. Once she does, she becomes the next Demon Slayer and is destined to kill all demons.